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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Fortress Balham has been quiet for the last month, as long-suffering-Dilly has been jetting around the peripheries of Africa in her guise as consultant-of-choice to safari types and I divide my time between the wonderful world of retail advertising and the considerably more wonderful world of photographing the British butterflies.

So far this year, I've nailed several new species (to me) including Duke of Burgundy, English Swallowtail, Adonis Blue, Black Hairstreak and the ultra-rare Large Blue. So it's been a good summer up to now.

Photographs and stories will appear in the near future, but at present I'm looking forward to the return of the Dillster, who has been for a fortnight's sojourn with the lemurs in Madagascar. I've asked her to look out for, and photograph, my all time favourite insect- the giraffe necked weevil (!) and now I'm on tenterhooks to see whether she's pulled it off. I'm guessing not, but the long suffering one seldom fails to surprise me.

Mind you, I may have to think of a new name, as Mauritius and Madagascar don't really lend themselves to the suffering tag. Still, fortress Balham will soon be back to its old self, with the sound of dishes being washed and hoovers being, er.. hooved, echoing round the lush valleys and open prairies.

She'll be surprised by the amount that our vegetable patch has grown, too, in her absence. I'm particularly looking forward to showing her my courgette.

Oh, please.....